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Hey! Well...I posted this on hpslash, too, but I had no idea there was a Triwizard Slash community out there. I was all like WHOAHDUDE. So I figured if anywhere, it fits here, too.

It's my first Harry Potter fic, so please...PLEASE take into account the fact that I HAVE NEVER READ A SINGLE BOOK FROM THE SERIES. So if you find any blasphemous errors, please remember that it's not because I'm ignorant, it's just because I'm a dolt. ...Okay, well--

I don't know if I'll ever finish it, since I have so many other things I really should be working on. It's supposed to take place during GOF, if that's not painfully obvious throughout. It's really not my best work, but I haven't seen anything for this couple, and it makes me sad. So...again, never've read the books, first HP fic...hope it gives you a few moments of dirty enjoyment. Go easy on me...

Title: Fair Game
Rating: NC-17
Paring: Cedric Diggory/Viktor Krum
Summary: Cedric Diggory just wants a little adventure--something out of the ordinary. That's not so much to ask, is it? After all, unusual things happen all the time at Hogwarts. And an unsuspecting Viktor Krum might be just the thing to do the trick...
Warnings: Smutty? No gigantic plot. Also, mostly implausible.

Disclaimer: Everyone knows who owns Harry Potter, and it sure as Hell ain't me.

~Fair Game~

Chapter 1

Sometimes Cedric felt as though the only peace he ever got in his whole bloody life was when he was unconscious. Any other time and he was expected to be somewhere, expected to be doing something, or at the very least, expected to be preparing to do something. Whether it was Quidditch, schoolwork, or the tiring social politics of a teenage existence, a popular boy like Cedric always had his hands full. Which was why he supposed that at least now, at eleven o’clock, when he was very much expected to be sleeping, he felt as though he had some small measure of solitude and peace he would never otherwise be awake to enjoy.

Sighing softly and relaxing back into his chair, Cedric watched the dancing embers of the fire with a cattish stretch. The Hufflepuff common room was a nice place to decompress after a day of classes and homework. It was quiet at this hour, it was warm, and it had a general feeling of tranquility difficult to capture within the walls of Hogwarts. Either way, provided a chance to have a moment to himself, Cedric leapt upon it. It wasn’t as though his day was so unbearably stressful that he was battling a nervous breakdown, but it was somehow so very comforting to act as he pleased without all those eyes upon him. Younger years ogling and giggling over him, his friends jabbering at him about the latest gossip, professors staring at him with the accusation of chewing gum. And then there was Cho on his arm…Ah, Cho. Sweet, innocent, smart, beautiful Cho. Cedric let out a much heavier sigh and cracked open the book in his lap, scanning through a few lines idly.

He liked Cho, truly he did. He couldn’t fathom there was a person who didn’t, actually, and should there be, he felt fairly certain he would have a word or two for them. But as of now, their relationship had been more than a little strained. They had been good friends, and still were, however…it seemed as though those around them expected so much more. Lately he felt as though eyes were on them every minute of every day, expecting them to have some sort of moment for everyone to gush over. Everywhere he went he could hear the widespread agreement that they were the cutest, sweetest, most prefect couple in school. But in truth, he was sure that neither of them were that interested in being more than just good friends. As of late, in fact, he had seen her with her own blushing glances towards one Harry Potter…The idea, though it made him laugh a little, ignited a spark of indignant jealousy deep down. Cho was still technically considered his girl, after all…

But as much as he hated to admit it, he felt his tastes wandering as well. He wasn’t even certain why. Whether he was simply changing as he aged or whether the mundane, average niche he’d fallen into had just bored him into a differ in routine was a mystery to him. Whatever the case, he found himself craving some kind of…dare he say…adventure. Though he felt it rather much to be asking for such things. His life was far from boring, after all. Being captain of his team, having plenty of interesting friends, being generally young and virile were all blessings, but somehow…he found himself waiting for each day to end. So many things were simply so…predictable. The only real thrill he felt these days was in the competitions. Would he win? Would he lose? Would something go terribly wrong and someone lose an eye? Oh how dreadful, he certainly hoped not. All the same, it was as much excitement as he felt he got. Perhaps I’m just rottenly spoiled.

Cedric quickly looked up towards the winding stairs as a the clunking of booted feet sounded above him, his hairs standing a bit on end with the fear of being caught out of bed. He deduced that it wasn’t anyone from the dorms—since no one he knew wore boots to bed. Perhaps it was one of the students from Durmstrang, as those silent and brutish young men could be seen lurking about many parts of the school when he was fairly sure they weren’t supposed to be. Nestling himself back into his chair and lowering his head between his shoulders, Cedric shed only sheepish glances towards the stairs where the figure was approaching. He most certainly hoped it was not that boorish headmaster of theirs. He looked to be the kind of man to bite, and Cedric was none too excited to be on the receiving end of that. As the footsteps grew louder and a shadow melted across the room, he discreetly peered up over the edge of his book to see…Viktor Krum trudging into the room. His shoulders dropped in relief.

Viktor was rubbing his face, but straightened up a little as he spotted Cedric near the fire. “Hello, Cedric.” He greeted politely in that baritone slur the women so often swooned over.

Cedric chuckled at the thought. Half of his own fan girls had turned to chase Viktor upon his arrival. He wondered if he should thank him for that. “Evenin’ Krum.” He replied. “You about scared me to death. Thought you could’ve been a professor or something.”

“No, just student.” Viktor semi-jested, tromping over after a moment’s hesitation and plopping down hard into a chair across from his. He seemed to suppress a groan and rubbed at a shoulder for a moment. “It is late.” He paused and gestured a head toss at Cedric’s book. “You are studying?”

“I couldn’t take another minute of studying if I tried.” Cedric shook his head, looking down at his book of fictional frivolity. “What are you doing out here so late yourself?”

“Training.” Viktor canted his head and shrugged, as if questioning what else he could have possibly been up to.

“Training?” Cedric laughed a little, shaking his head. “It’s bloody freezing out there at this hour.”

Da.” Viktor muttered in return as he held a hand towards the fire in an absent absorbing of heat.

“Well you look beat.” Cedric decided. His eyes went back to his book with a shrug. “Keep on like this and you’ll tire yourself out before the tournament even starts.”

“I have been trained very hard these past days.” Viktor noted, pounding his chest lightly with a fist. “Karkaroff demands top condition. I—“ he stopped long enough to cover an exhausted yawn. “…But, yes, beat.”

“I see.”

“You do not train?”

“Well of course I do.” Cedric decided quickly, but then thought for a moment. Alright then, maybe he wasn’t exactly ‘training’ in the most accurate sense of the word. But it wasn’t as though he would know what to train for. The challenges before them yet remained unknown. “I’m on a break.”

“Break?” Viktor repeated.

“Yeah, you know,” Cedric smirked and closed his book. “the time when you aren’t getting snapped at or studying until your brain fizzles? When you aren’t chasing a snitch?”

“You mean when we should be sleeping.” Viktor nodded and looked up at the clock.

“Well no, not exactly…” Cedric blinked. The boy was a positive machine. Training in the icy rain, rarely smiling…he felt sure that he could hear the gears grinding when he moved a limb. Perhaps that was just his imagination.

“Mm…” Viktor returned, but he was looking to the fire now.

A man of little words. Cedric smiled and went back to his book. A tad mechanical, yes, but Krum was an interesting boy. He was clearly a famed and popular person, known nation wide for his talents, and yet it almost seemed as though he was indifferent to this. The attention was far from going to his head, which was on his task as opposed to the results thereof. Other than of his Quidditch skills, however, Cedric knew relatively nothing about him. “So do you think you’ll win?” he asked flippantly, eyes down on his reading casually.

“I will do my best.” Viktor said with a sportsman-like air.

“Undisputedly. But do you think you’ll be the victor, Viktor?” he raised his eyebrows cockily and smirked again.

“I have same chance as anyone.” Came the answer. “We were all chosen equal.”

“Yes, well…don’t know about all of us…” Cedric murmured back as he mulled over the thought of Harry. “Potter rather seems to be in the mix by accident. Or trickery as the case may be.”

“Yes. He is young.” Viktor nodded. “But he has…reputation, yes?”

“Yes. Hm. I wonder if his name was in that cup purely for the novelty of exploiting ‘The Boy Who Lived’.” Cedric’s eyes followed a crackling ember. “That’s supposing he didn’t somehow get it in there himself, of course.”

“You do not like him.” Viktor stated, though Cedric was sure that was meant to be a question. Who would presume such a thing, after all?

“I don’t believe I know him well enough to judge either way.” He thought for a second. “But you seem to be nice enough of a fellow. And Fleur is somewhat charming. What about you, what do you think of us?”

Viktor rubbed his chin. “As people, I will shake your hand. As opponent, I aim to crush you.”

Cedric looked up and caught the barest smile on the other boy’s features. “Ah, so you’ve got a bit of a sense of humor after all.”

“It would appear so.” He agreed, leaning back and keeping his tired eyes on the flames.

Cedric felt a mischievous grin creeping up on his face. He was rather beginning to like this chap. He wasn’t as cut and dry as most, and certainly not as roguish or tough as he had suspected. Who knows? Perhaps he would even find another friend in him. Or perhaps…“I’ve seen you play before.” He offered conversationally. “You’re very good.”

“Thank you.” Viktor replied instinctively, but not completely void of sincerity.

“I wonder if I’ll ever play against you.” Now maybe he was just musing aloud.

“They say that you are good also.” The other pointed out. “I think maybe I would enjoy this. A match, I mean.”

“In that case, I’ll just have to keep winning.” Cedric decided as though it were a simple decision. “Who knows? One day we might meet one another again.”

“Yes.” Another nod.

Cedric hesitated for another very long moment of silence before casting his book aside, steepling his fingers against his lower lip. “Let me ask you a personal question, Viktor.” He began.

Viktor tossed him a glance. “Yes.”

“…Well…do you ever find this whole competitive drabble a bit…boring?”

“I like to compete.”

“Oh, so do I.” Cedric waved a hand. “I wouldn’t give it up for anything. But…you know…sometimes I just get a little tired of the routine, that’s all.”

“Routine.” Viktor had his usual stony expression for a long while, seemingly trying to find something in himself with which to relate.

“What about your friends? They never irritate you?” Cedric suggested mirthfully.

“Not in particular.” Viktor frowned in thought and shook his head. “I do not speak much to them. Mostly, we eat together. Play together.”

“Hm. We’re different in that way. My friends talk all the time. Too much, really.” He offered.

Viktor let his eyes close for a second as he made a painful looking shift. “People here…they talk very much.”

“Or perhaps your people just talk so very little.”

“This is also true.”

Cedric slowly went to his feet, pacing a bit near the fire. They were both looking into it now. “Why haven’t you headed off for the night? Aren’t you tired?”

“Yes. But I…” Viktor trailed off, his eyes narrowing slightly into the orange glow. “I have trouble lately. Maybe much to think about.”

“I have to say, I’ve had my fair share of sleeplessness as well.” Cedric confessed. “I’ve been restless before a match before, but the Triwizard Tournament…well, now that’s a little more serious, isn’t it?” He moved around in an almost prowling fashion, his eyes switching from the fire to the oblivious Viktor. “I’ve been tempted to look up a good sleeping spell.” He stopped just behind Viktor’s chair, lazily resting his elbows over the back of it.

“Mm.” Viktor half grunted, eyes unmoved.

With a sly look, Cedric let his hands creep downward onto broad shoulders, squeezing slightly and able to feel the overworked tension in them.

Viktor’s eyes opened fully as he felt the sensation, looking between the hands upon his shoulders in mild shock. “Kakvó právish—?” he babbled in muddled Bulgarian, body tensing.

“Relax, no need to panic.” Cedric chuckled, kneading his hands once. “There are more…conventional methods of getting to sleep.”

“Ah?” Viktor furrowed his brow, head turned to the side to listen, but he didn’t pull away.

“There are lots of good ways to relax, that’s all I mean.” Cedric clarified, working into his shoulders firmly. “If you’ve got a good friend to work the kinks out of you, for one.”

“I don’t…” Viktor began, but instead closed his mouth and settled with his confusion, leaning back a little.

“See there, now that’s more like it.” He approved. “Blimey. Are you always this stiff or did your back freeze up solid out there?”

“Many long days, many short nights…” was all the Quidditch champion would say, allowing a small sigh as he decided not to protest the touch after all.

“That’s not good for you.” Cedric said needlessly, a smile still drawn up on his face as he looked down upon his fellow competitor.

Viktor’s eyes narrowed back into a comfortable haze, seeming to take this spontaneous shoulder rub in stride.

Cedric gave a few more tries at loosening the muscles before drawing back, huffing a breath. “You’re hard as a rock, Krum. I’d bet you could take a dive straight off a broom and not get so much as a scratch.”

“I wish that were true.” Viktor said, rolling his shoulders. He winced as one popped. “Unfortunately, I have found that I am not unbreakable.”

“That’s very interesting.” Cedric said, surprising himself with an odd pulse of danger in his voice. He rather perched upon the arm of the chair to Viktor’s left.

“Breakable, but not fragile.” Viktor added with a playful warning.

“Of course not.” Cedric grinned and crossed his arms, one leg hanging slightly and the other planted upon the floor for balance. “I wouldn’t dream of calling you that.”

Viktor was looking up at him curiously now, a suspicious flicker in his dark eyes. “You are an odd fellow.” He drawled slowly, a thin smile on his face.

Cedric smirked in return. “That’s funny. Most people I know would call me exceedingly normal.”


“Hm.” Cedric mimicked. They both chuckled silently. “There’s more than one way to get rid of the tension, though…” Cedric continued as he tapped his chin. Without another word, he tossed his other hand out to rest on Viktor’s knee.

“What?” Viktor stared down at the hand, then looked back up towards Cedric’s face warily.

“Come on, then, where’s your sense of adventure?” Cedric slid to the ground clumsily on his knees, removing his hand and replacing it with his elbow. “There’s actually another method I know of.”

“Method of relaxation?” Viktor swallowed, shifting in his seat.

“Why yes.” Cedric nodded with another devilish grin. “Would you like to see?”

Viktor arched an eyebrow, looking down at Cedric on his knees with an expression of slightly confused intrigue. His mouth opened a little and he let out a breath. “...I...don’t...” he attempted.

“You don’t want to be stiff all night, do you?” Cedric bit back a laugh and traced some absent pattern on Viktor’s thigh.

Viktor gave a broad and stubborn smile, shaking his head.

“Alright then.” Cedric reached up and quickly unclasped Viktor’s belt, unzipping his pants in a fast motion and tugging at them just slightly. He looked down into them at the tight white shorts underneath, running his tongue along his top row of teeth. With a cheeky look up at Viktor, who was leering down at him in fascination, Cedric readjusted a few things before he could produce what he was looking for. “Would you look at that…” he uttered, his throat suddenly feeling a bit dry. Viktor was certainly…in proportion. “…How do even you sit on a broom?” he exclaimed rather despite himself.

Viktor laughed, covering his eyes for a moment with a hand.

“I mean man alive, I rather figured blokes like you were over-compensating, but…This’ll take me all night.”

At that, Viktor shifted again. “I cannot believe you wish to…” was all he could manage, still grinning.

“I’m sure I’ll make due.” Cedric shrugged, fighting another shuddering chuckle before lifting him towards his mouth. He immediately descended, tongue curling and lips pursing in a testing manner around the girth of his selection.

“Oh…” Viktor uttered in a breathless vocalization, his eyes widening. He slowly relaxed into it and gained a better amount of control over himself as the sharp sensation became tolerable, the contented smile returning to his face.

Cedric felt pleased with that reaction, inquisitively suckling and exploring what his tongue couldn’t reach with his fingers. The feeling was empowering. He controlled what Viktor felt and when; he was in charge. He closed his eyes as he felt a strong pair of hands that were a tad chill begin stroking through his hair. Well. Mostly in charge, if he took into account the fact he could have his neck broken at any moment. Viktor was fast to harden under the pressure, his breath speeding up just a little in wake of Cedric’s touches and one leg stretching out along the floor almost spasmodically. Cedric couldn’t help the giddy thrill bubbling up in his chest. He had received no protest, no refusal, no struggle, despite the risk of taking such rash actions. Not to mention the little fact that, theoretically, someone could walk into the common room at any moment and drop dead of shock. Wouldn’t they have some explaining to do to their respective headmasters then?

Viktor shivered and made a throaty, guttural moan, unable to keep himself completely silent but trying his best to maintain a low volume. He kept his fingers secure in Cedric’s brownish locks, continually smoothing them back and away from his face to offer what he could in helping with the task. Cedric went on faithfully, letting out an occasional murmur or light sigh as he worked his fingers nimbly over and near the needed area. He breathed slowly through his nose, listening to the subtle vibrations traveling the chords of his companion’s throat.

Viktor’s eyes closed and he leaned his head back leisurely. “…Cedric…” he rumbled in a low-pitched tone, and Cedric rather liked the sound of that Slavic slur dripping from his name. He hummed in reply, changing pace a little. It would only be a short time before this ended, for while Cedric had intended to make it slow and teasing, he was far too in to it himself at this point to ease up. He was becoming fervent in his actions, opening his throat and pressing his tongue down in a receiving manner.

“Cedric—“ Viktor managed in a grunt, attempting a fair warning.

In response, Cedric made and aggressive push forward, swallowing forcefully in encouragement. At that gruff inclination, Viktor coughed out a loud exhalation of breath, his legs shifting in an erratic struggle as he shook. Luckily for the both of them, he was able to keep his climactic reactions to mostly soft moans and sighs. Cedric gulped once and coaxed a few more follow-up drizzles with his last delicate passes, clearing his throat as he pulled up.

Viktor looked down at him with a dazed expression, his breathing deep and quiet.

“There you are.” Cedric said coyly. “That should do the trick alright.”

Viktor smiled and reached a hand under Cedric’s chin, running a thumb over his upper lip to wipe away a suspicious streak of white. “…Very kind of you.”

“You are a guest, after all.” Cedric chuckled and tucked Viktor back into order, zipping him up with a little shrug. He took a moment to stretch his jaw before drawing to his feet.

Viktor leaned forward and caught Cedric’s waist in his arms before he had time to move away, forcing him to end up more or less seated on his lap. Cedric looked down in surprise as a large hand worked up his chest, moving in a smooth motion from there to his neck and up to his hair. Eyes met his own, making him swallow a little in a nervous way. “Mm.” Viktor regarded. “Sit with me a while longer. I can help, yes?” he swept a hand in a downward stroke from Cedric’s stomach, fingertips just barely entering the rim of his pants before Cedric patted his cheek and gracefully managed to slip out of his hold.

“Tempting. But it’s almost midnight and we’ve got classes tomorrow.” Cedric yawned. He stretched his arms up over his head and gave another impish smile, ruffling his mussed hair before straightening out his shirt and making a turn for the door. “Sleep well, Viktor.”

Viktor paused, mouth open for a moment as though searching for something to say as he climbed to his feet.

Without waiting for a response, Cedric casually swaggered out of the room into the hallway. As soon as he was out of range, he leaned back against the wall, holding a hand to his face and stifling a wallop of gleeful laughter. Viktor. Viktor Krum. Things certainly couldn’t be boring after this…

~~~~end of chapter wun~~~~
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