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Blah. Sorry this is so late. I actually finished chapter four a few days ago, but I looked at it and just HATED it, so I completely re-wrote it. But here it is, all shiney and new. :D

Title: Fair Game
Rating: NC-17
Paring: Cedric Diggory/Viktor Krum
Summary: Cedric Diggory just wants a little adventure--something out of the ordinary. That's not so much to ask, is it? After all, unusual things happen all the time at Hogwarts. And an unsuspecting Viktor Krum might be just the thing to do the trick...
Warnings: Smutty? No gigantic plot. Also, mostly implausible.

Chapter Four Summary: Cedric's never fancied himself an outdoorsman.

~Fair Game~

Chapter 4

Cedric pulled his scarf tightly around his neck as he made it out into the cold, shivering even before he could really feel it. The reaction was far from exaggerated however, for as soon as he took in a breath he felt as though it froze solid in his lungs. Exhaling, he was practically blinded by his own cloud of breath and had to blink a few times to regain focus. He hadn’t expected it to be quite so cold…But thus far he had made it to the grounds undetected, so for that at least he counted himself lucky.

Cedric was in a fantastic mood. He had made it through the first task with his skin intact and, as a result thereof, had slept like a corpse that night. Victory and adrenaline flowed through his veins alongside the cold, giving him a prevailing defense against it. He felt powerful, resilient—like a winner, and he had the trophy to prove it. Now if he could just figure out that mysterious golden egg…The only clue he’d received from the damn thing thus far was a hideous wail. But he had plenty of time to look into that. Tonight, he had other things on his mind.

As much as Cedric loved being an upholder of the rules, he loved breaking them more. After all, it wasn’t as though he was sneaking out in the dead of night to learn the Dark Arts from Lord Voldemort himself, he reasoned. He was just having a little fun, nothing more. Nevertheless, Cedric knew that Dumbledore, Karkaroff, and not to mention Cedric’s own father, would all have an absolute fit if they were to know anything about this. Somehow, that made it all the more fun. Just knowing that as he passed by the prude Bulgarian headmaster, who would fix anyone who looked upon him with a sneer, he could put on the most perfect grin and the old brute would be none the wiser. Earlier that day, as he had been sitting at the dinner table with his friends amid their smiling, oblivious faces, he had found himself continuously looking across the room at the Durmstrang students. In a moment of near panic, however, Cedric realized he had been caught when he looked to the side and saw the infamous Karkaroff glaring at him threateningly for his wayward size-ups. He wondered what he must have been thinking. He probably considered Cedric’s glances a product of indignant jealousy over his precious little clan. In return, Cedric had merely offered him a positively innocent look that hid the thought of you’ll never guess what I’ve been doing with that star student of yours, and promptly bit the head off a chocolate frog. How he enjoyed secrets.

He released a hot breath into his hands and rubbed them together roughly, looking around the dark courtyard as he hobbled across it. Of course, none of these thoughts did much to absolve the paranoia of being caught. He hated to think what would happen if he bumped into a lurking Professor Snape, or something of the like. He could already hear the furious voice echoing in his ears. “Ten-thousands points from Huffelpuff!” He simultaneously laughed and grimaced. Crotchety old buzzard…

Cedric let out another misty sigh and pulled his scarf nearly up to his nose, shaking his feet a bit as he walked to try and maintain the blood flow to his toes. He arbitrarily regretted all those days he spent sitting in class thinking how uncomfortably hot this sweater was when now, even underneath his robes, it seemed to do so little good. When he made it to the wall of the building, he took one more sweep around the area with his eyes before creeping back behind it to the spot where he had instructed that he and Viktor meet. Crossing his arms over his chest and shuddering, Cedric slowly looked around. To be honest, he wasn’t even certain that Viktor would remember to meet him, what with all of the recent commotion. But to his mild surprise, Viktor was already there waiting when he arrived…

He was standing ten feet or so away, turning swiftly with his commonly serious expression as Cedric approached from the corner. Once he identified Cedric, however, his features softened noticeably.

“Lovely evening, isn’t it?” Cedric pointed out, eyes catching the sky for a moment as he tried to keep his teeth from chattering.

Viktor nodded in response, though he himself seemed almost unaffected by the cold. “Reminds me of home.”

“I don’t know how you could manage in cold like this.” Cedric kept his arms tight around himself as he came closer, stopping in front of him and smiling. “Hi.” He chirped. He didn’t move his arms as Viktor moved forward and greeted him, firm hands resting on his shoulders.

“Used to it.” He replied, eyes moving up and down Cedric’s body. “But you, I can see, are not.”

“Guess I’ve just grown too accustomed to feeling my extremities.” He said dryly, readjusting the scarf around his neck.

Viktor smirked and brushed a hand over Cedric’s temple fondly before his eyes caught something else. “You are burned.” He stated, partly cupping his cheek as he examined the singe mark that graced Cedric’s face.

“Oh, yes, that.” Cedric cringed and was suddenly reminded of the burn mark. It still stung. His friends had advised him to see the infirmary for it, but it wasn’t nearly anything serious and he wasn’t such a delicate flower that he couldn’t handle a little scratch like that.

“It hurts?” Viktor asked, forcibly tilting Cedric’s head to the side and furrowing his brow as he grazed a thumb along the edge of it.

Cedric winced from the touch at a minute twinge of pain, looking away in slight embarrassment. “No, no, it’s just fine.”

“Dragon could not get the best of Cedric, hm?” Viktor apologetically drew his hand away and brought it back down to a shoulder.

“Nor of Viktor.” Cedric thumped the broader boy’s chest and nodded. “I’ll bet you just wrestled the beast into a headlock, didn’t you?”

Viktor chuckled but didn’t answer, snaking his arms into Cedric’s robes and pulling him close in an attempt to warm him up.

Cedric rested his chin into the crook of Viktor’s neck and shivered a little. He jerked back after a second however as he felt a hand firmly caress his backside. Startled, he gaped back at Viktor. “Well isn’t that something of a how-do-you-do.”

“…Can I make you hot, Cedric?” Viktor murmured deeply, such a strangely innocent sounding request. Cedric found himself at instant half-mast.

“Er…” Cedric shifted as he felt another hand join in, providing a sharp jolt that set him easily at full attention now. “…I’d like that…But how you can be so frisky in weather like this is beyond me.”

“Used to it.” Viktor repeated, kneading his hands.

Cedric squirmed, his arms coiling around Viktor as he buried his face into his shoulder boldly in the hope for warmth. Being aroused in this way was difficult to pin as either a relief or a torment, since while it made his stomach hot and thawed out his lower portions, it extracted the heat from other parts of his body. So much for his nose and his fingers, he thought. He was certain he was going to catch frostbite somewhere.

“Is okay?” Viktor whispered tentatively, letting his fingers slip under the rim of Cedric’s pants to fondle his tailbone.

“Yes.” Cedric nodded against him and adjusted his hips awkwardly. He enjoyed the touches, as much as they were making him blush, but he was sure that Viktor could feel his erection even through their thick clothing while he was pressing closer. Sure enough, Viktor’s hands soon went to explore other tempting areas. With brief hesitation, they pulled around to the front and pushed back Cedric’s robe a little to untuck his shirt and begin opening his pants. “Viktor…” Cedric hissed in protest, teeth chattering violently as the cold air touched him.

Viktor lifted one hand to rub through the back of his hair, pressing his lips hard against Cedric’s slightly numb ones. “Won’t be cold long.” He vowed.

Cedric snorted and shrugged, moving a hand behind Viktor’s neck and leaning forward. Viktor’s eyes instinctively fell shut in the anticipation of a kiss, and Cedric took a taunting moment to simply admire him. How those gushing young girls would seethe if they only knew that he had the power to tame Viktor Krum. Before Viktor could open his eyes and ask what the holdup was, Cedric was crushing his lips against his, hungrily seeking out the tongue he knew was there. The organ sprang to life the instant it was met by his own and Viktor grunted and tightened his hold around Cedric’s waist as he was attacked, clearly delighted by this show of ardor. Cedric scrunched his nose a little to keep from smiling at the awkward sensation of Viktor’s coarse stubble.

“Alright, alright,” he nodded drunkenly at last, pushing back and readjusting his robes around himself as his eyes scrutinized their surroundings. “But not here. Come on.” He brought Viktor’s wrist into his hand and tugged at him, leading him back towards the darkened woods that flanked Hogwarts at nearly every end. It seemed to be just a tad less cold as they made it into the trees, where they were at least somewhat protected from the chill winds circling the air. As soon as Cedric felt they had moved far enough along, he stopped, surveying the area in something between security and just plain nerves. They weren’t all that likely to be caught, save for the instance that the dreaded Karkaroff made an appearance. He supposed only Viktor would know the chances of that.

“Your headmaster,” Cedric began, feeding the flames of his worries. “He won’t be looking for you?”

Viktor shook his head. “Karkaroff is in bed. He keeps close eye on me, but he does not watch me sleep.”

“I see…You’re quite the daredevil.” Cedric said, grinning as Viktor stared blankly with the unfamiliarity of the word.

“I just can say that I was…training.” Viktor considered as he snatched Cedric back around the waist. “If he finds out.”


Fucking in the woods was tricky business, as it turned out. It was cold, there were leaves everywhere, and it was none too comfortable on the back. Nevertheless, Cedric made due. He was gripping at handfuls of leaves and twigs above his head as he arched up, brows knitted in concentration and panting in an icy sweat as it trickled down the bridge of his nose. It was too good to care about the cold anymore. Viktor was an excellent fuck. Cedric didn’t know whether it was his experience, his gratuitous endowment, or simply the thrill of being with a mysterious and possibly forbidden foreigner, but he wasn’t about to question it. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, father always says.

The sound of his own panting was quite outdone by Viktor’s, a grating, discordant exhalation marking every thrust he made into Cedric’s plying body. Clearly he was enjoying it as much as Cedric. In the brief moments he caught Viktor’s eyes open, he saw in them a certain meditation that was perhaps only otherwise seen on the playing field of Quidditch. It was all very mesmerizing, but Cedric wasn’t interested in much else aside from being pounded until he was bruised and sore. He wanted to wake up with the outstanding aches and pains that only sex could procure. He wanted to lounge uncomfortably in class and struggle to think up stupid excuses as to why his lower back was in such a bad way, he wanted to utter obvious lies while the sly look on his face told everyone bluntly I got fucking laid. And Viktor’s powerful, well-aimed strokes told him that every one of those hopes had brilliant potential. He just needed one more good nudge before he would be coming his brains out.

As if sensing this, Viktor raised a hand to his previously neglected member and used a thumb and index finger to grip either side of Cedric’s foreskin, manipulating it in a steady rhythm over the head and back down as he thrust.

“Ah, Viktor, that’s bloody fantastic.” Cedric sighed out as his eyes squeezed shut, head falling back against the leaves.

Viktor loosed a quiet growl and sped up, shoulders tensing and his head falling between his shoulders as he kept himself in motion.

“Damnit—gh—“ Cedric uttered various swear words and praises in a series of boyish groans, bucking against his hand and biting on his own lower lip hard to keep from losing it. A dozen or so completely inane thoughts scrambled through his head. Like where his pants had gotten to, or whether or not his nipples were turning blue. He groaned again loudly, feeling as though his brink was in the next pump, and yet thinking it much too far away.

“You like this, yes?” Viktor’s words made it to him in a husky tone, and he cracked his eyes open a little to see him staring down with half-lidded eyes of his own.

Cedric whispered a very small ‘yes’, each sighing breath out retracted by a sharp gasp inward as he looked down at himself. His cock was pulsating in Viktor’s fist. He could hear his heart thumping erratically, like a battering ram trying to break through his chest in panic.

“Yes?” Viktor repeated in a bit of a breathless way.

“Yes!” Cedric answered back in something between a laugh and a moan, clenching his eyes shut again. The familiar sensation of release was swelling up in his stomach, but it was much more than normal. It was warmer, harder, and he could tell that it was likewise going to hit him hard. “Ahh—!” Cedric was quaking in carnal ecstasy, responding fiercely as Viktor’s lips ghosted over his own. Fuck, it was good. It was almost too good.

He felt the hand speed up, his nerves taught, chest burning, throat dry, hips jerking—and everything collided, wrenching a howl from his lungs. Viktor didn’t bother to try and quiet him, gasping out a strand of shocked, strained exclamations of his own. Cedric suddenly felt scalding splatters painting across his stomach and up to his chest, one small stream of it dribbling down his side into the cold dirt. Not a second later, an accompanying hot sensation peaked within him, a sure sign of Viktor’s nearly simultaneous undoing. For a minute, Cedric felt like he might black out. Sensitive and tingling, he slowly melted off of his high to realize his surroundings once more.

Viktor pulled off of him after a few moments of recovery, reaching around languidly for his clothing as the biting cold threatened to settle back in.

Cedric remained on his back, reaching up one hand to smooth through his sweat-slicked hair. “I’ve never been fucked like that.” He laughed weakly. His eyes remained unfocused on the clouded night sky, watching his breath disperse into the cold. He looked down slightly as a hand was offered to him, and he grasped it to pull himself back up.

“Is compliment, yes?” Viktor attempted to clarify, his voice rough but docile.
Cedric grinned. “Yes.”

“Was very good.” Viktor nodded in agreement as he patted Cedric’s knee and handed him his robes. He watched in an almost predatory fashion as Cedric mumbled a brief clean up incantation on himself and wrapped his cloak around his shoulders.

“Very good.” Cedric repeated idly with a small laugh as he struggled his pants back on and started at his shirt. “Thanks.” He offered Viktor a wide smile as he rested in his mild nirvana. Viktor gazed back at him with his usual cool severity. They dressed without incident and made their way back to the walls of Hogwarts.

Cedric yawned a bit and rubbed at his back as he went, plucking a twig from his clothes and brushing away the streaks of dirt here and there to avoid suspicion. He was far too exhausted for a shower at the moment, but it would feel good to snuggle into the sheets feeling cramped, sweaty, and reeking like sex anyway. The real task would be sneaking back into his room without waking up his roommates and suffering the interminable questioning that would follow. In light of what they knew, they would probably accuse poor Cho of playing a part in his little late night escapade. He was fairly certain she didn’t need all that, and he was positive he didn’t want to explain to her what escapade of his it was that she was supposedly involved with.

As they approached the entrance, Cedric was about to turn back with a word, but Viktor beat him to the punch, gently grasping his wrist and pulling him so that they were facing once more. Cedric looked on wondrously as Viktor curled a hand through his hair once, and he laughed a little as he watch previously unnoticed leaf fragments scatter off his own head to fall on the ground between them. “We are doing this again?” Viktor asked, pressing Cedric into the wall a bit and hassling another gruff kiss out of him.

Cedric fisted a hand in Viktor’s shirt, eyes narrowed subtly. “Yes, but no more romps in the damned cold. I’ve got icicles forming in my nethers.”

Viktor smiled again in defiance of his usually stoic countenance.

“Goodnight, Viktor.” Cedric bid him with a salacious murmur and rubbed a quick hand along his jaw before turning back to depart with the stateliest of gaits. He could feel Viktor’s penetrating stare boring through him fiercely even after he was long out of sight.

~~~~end of chapter forr~~~~

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