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Hey all, chapter twelve! Actually, it's part of what was originally chapter twelve...but I decided to split it up a little into sections because I didn't want chapter twelve to be ridiculously long. As it is, it still might be the longest yet, even with this one being twelve and the rest shafted onto thirteen...Okay, none of what I'm saying makes sense--anyway, enjoy!

Title: Fair Game
Rating: NC-17
Paring: Cedric Diggory/Viktor Krum
Summary: Cedric Diggory just wants a little adventure--something out of the ordinary. That's not so much to ask, is it? After all, unusual things happen all the time at Hogwarts. And an unsuspecting Viktor Krum might be just the thing to do the trick...
Warnings: Smutty? No gigantic plot. Also, mostly implausible.

Chapter Twelve Summary: Simplicity is overrated.

~Fair Game~

Chapter 12

For the rest of the day and well into the next, Cedric was a mess entirely, but a calm mess at the very least. Oh he was damned, that was quite certain. There was no which way about that. But he didn’t have to worry about things getting worse, looking at it from his usual optimistic end. For no reason at all he seemed to have developed genuine feelings for Viktor Krum, world renowned Quidditch champion and the reputed super-stud of wizardry. Cedric gave a weak, defeated smile to himself. He was beyond anger or panic at this point, since neither of those reactions would find him any peace if he chose them. When he happened to see Viktor around school he was able to offer small smiles now instead of avoidance. And when in the halls, at meal times, or any other period in which he was in the eye of the public, he knew that Viktor was watching him from somewhere. He was surprised when he noticed that the thought didn’t bother him any longer. In an odd way, this knowledge of having a voyeur made him feel somehow…secure.

Which was part of the reason Cedric felt himself growing pleasantly insane. What person in their right mind doesn’t feel violated or invaded upon by someone who insists on watching them all the time? And what person in their right mind does the watching, for that matter? He was thoroughly convinced that there no longer was a right mind, or a wrong one. After all, those questions could go on just a bit too long for Cedric. What kind of person in their right mind gives head at random to fellow competitors simply for the sake of combating ennui? He didn’t want to start down that road. Cedric had been so quick to leave Viktor the previous day, but now, he thought, as he paced idly in wait at the edge of the courtyard, he was having trouble just keeping his bones beneath his skin. He had to admit with a great deal of resentment that he was…nervous. He was actually nervous. When he saw Viktor traipsing across the yard to meet him, in that strict, impersonal, dutiful pace, the blood quickened in his veins and wouldn’t slow for his lightest of thoughts.

“You are early.” Viktor noted. In the biting cold, his voice seemed warm to Cedric’s ears.

Cedric mustered a cough, just in the case that his voice was prepared to crack. “Suppose so…You didn’t really specify the time frame.”

“You did not give me chance.” Viktor chortled back with a bit of a smile, but his eyes remained oddly serious. He half-circled Cedric as he approached him before stopping a few scant feet away. “Wanted to talk…when there was more time. Is good?”

Cedric snorted slightly, thinking it strange that Viktor would want so much to talk. Viktor had been his symbol of a relationship without words up unto this point. And anyway, if Cedric’s English wasn’t top notch, he doubted he would want to speak it so much himself. Viktor was undeterred. And Cedric was annoyed at himself, for wanting so much to hear these words that Viktor would trouble himself to say. “Sure. It’s alright.” Cedric assured passively. He tucked his hands beneath his underarms and hoped that the cold would excuse his blushing. “What about?”

Viktor didn’t speak right away, and Cedric mulled over the partial hope that he wouldn’t say anything at all. The hesitation was only momentary, however, as could be expected. “What are you wanting, Cedric?”

Cedric pushed a tired breath through his teeth and shrugged his shoulders without looking over. “I don’t know what you mean. Are you talking about the two of us?”

Viktor nodded slowly, and Cedric shook his head.

“What do I want? I don’t know what I want. This whole thing is ridiculous.” He let his arms fall to his sides before they rested at his hips, and he paced a small circle. “I want a lot of things, I suppose. But I won’t be getting any of them.” Cedric stared back at Viktor and waited for a response with clear vexation.

Viktor nodded again and crossed his arms, eyes grazing the ground between them before settling back on Cedric. “Me?”

Cedric clenched his back teeth for a moment and offered another sluggish shrug of his shoulders. “Can’t have you.”

“What if…I would say that you could?” Viktor raised a brow, saying this inertly as though it were some shady business proposition.

Cedric almost outright laughed at the audacity of that offer. “I can’t even pretend to know why you want this. You have to know that I wasn’t looking for something this bloody complicated when we started.”

“Perhaps no. But, past is past.”

Why do you have to do that? Cedric thought angrily with a numb stare. Why do you have to go and make it seem like this makes any kind of sense? “Yes. You’re right about that.” He said with a coolness to his tone that surprised even him. “Past is past, present is present, tofu is tofu—you can compare a word to itself a thousand times but it won’t help the—the lunacy of what you’re suggesting.”

Viktor rubbed the back of his neck and cleared his throat a little. “I am…I am not understanding you. Tofu…?”

“I was just…” Cedric sighed and looked down, putting a hand to his forehead. Clearly this wasn’t working. Part of him cursed Viktor for being dense, while another cursed himself for rambling. “Things between us. They couldn’t work out, is all I mean.”

“Perhaps not later…but now, they could.” Viktor paused and thought again. “I do not know future. Maybe you will not feel for me once I am back home. Maybe thing between us will break. If it breaks, it breaks. But, maybe it will not.”

Cedric shook his head incredulously. “So that’s it then? You live purely off of impulse?”

“Yes. Impulse. You do, as well. Like first night, in common room.” Cedric felt like quite the hypocritical bastard at that reference. “This is why we are understanding each other, yes?”

“No.” Cedric said immediately. “Er, well, yes, but…” he swallowed and looked down in concentration. Where had his argument gone?

“You do not want to…be…with me?” Viktor prompted, seeming uncertain of his phrasing.

Cedric took a glance at an obscured moon and hoped that all this stress wasn’t giving him an ulcer. How could Viktor have the nerve to ask such a loaded question? Pushing his frustration aside, he smiled weakly and looked around him indiscriminately as he spoke. “…What would you tell your friends, Viktor? Or your entourage of young girls? ‘Oh, you didn’t know about my little English boyfriend? Funny that slipped my mentioning.’”

“You are not their concern.” Viktor pointed out. “And you did not answer question.”

Cedric suddenly began to babble unthinkingly, his mind wandering and his mouth spouting unfiltered thoughts. He didn’t know what he was supposed to say, or if any of it would even qualify as a proper answer to Viktor’s question. “What do I want, what do I want, you’re getting really repetitive, you know that? I just…I just don’t want any of this to be complicated, that’s all. I want my stress levels to be comfortably below normal for the third task, and this situation certainly isn’t helping that. I-I want that first night back, for Christ’s sake, I never would have been so impulsive in the first place. Save myself a great heap of trouble, that’s what I should have done.”

Viktor’s brows rose up and he was still for a long moment before a cross look sank into his features. Cedric looked back at him in slight confusion as those eyes darkened. “You mean this?” he demanded.

Cedric hesitated, nibbling the tip of his tongue as a strangely cold sensation built in his stomach. “Well…yeah, sort of.”

Viktor glowered, and Cedric felt somehow stung. Hundreds of other bothering fans and students, sure, but Viktor had never looked upon him that way. “Ah.” Viktor uttered curtly, composed, but clearly put off. “So you are wishing we have not met?”

Well he hadn’t really meant it like that. Although…that was essentially the way it had come out, now that he thought about it. He stared back at Viktor helplessly with a tense expression. It didn’t occur to him to make a verbal reply.

Viktor took this as answer enough, jaw setting tersely. With a sneer, he turned, eying Cedric with frigid disdain. “If this is what you feel, make believe that we have not.”

Cedric’s lips moved to form words that eluded him, blinking in shock as he watched Viktor turn and stalk away. He wasn’t quite sure what to make of this…He hadn’t meant to offend Viktor, but…but…well surely there was a but to this, wasn’t there? That was a stupid thing to say. Scolded his conscience. He was tempted to tell it to sod off, but he was too stuck on the fact that Viktor was walking away. It only really hit him that he hadn’t so much as replied when he was out of sight, and Cedric was left standing alone at the edge of the courtyard with a surprised gawk. …That hadn’t gone well at all. He scratched a hand slowly at the back of his head and took a few stiff steps backwards.

It took him a few more moments to summon the sense to turn around and begin an unnerved trudge back towards the school doors. Well…that was that, he supposed as he watched his feet shift and displace leaves below him. That silly affair between himself and Viktor was over, wasn’t it? Precisely as had been intended. There was nothing to explain, nothing to cover up, nothing to maintain. No lower back pains to excuse, no fearing that Dumbledore or Karkaroff may catch on… The only evidence that this had even happened would be the image scarred into poor Draco’s horrified mind. He sighed and drove the tip of his shoe into the earth with a choice curse, shoving his hands down into his pockets. He should be happy. He was free of all that now. Things would just be easier this way.

“Oh—wait!” Cedric snapped out, stumbling once as he whipped around and took off after Viktor.

Since when had it become such a priority that everything’s got to be easy?

~~~~end of chapter twellv~~~~

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