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Too Funky (Slash HP video)

Hello! This might be my fist post over here, and I wanted to share a little video I made with HP guys hitting on Harry, and of course, the Harry/Cedric turned out to be very close to each other.

Even as it has some other pairings, I wanted to get the fans of this pairing something to have fun with.

Here it is!

Hope you like it!
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That was freaking hilarious! I loved it.
Wiii!!! Thank you!! Very glad you liked it!♥
XD That was soooo funny! I love how you matched the lips to sync to the music. The "Would you like me to seduce you?" was my favorite parts.
The scene was just ASKING for it! XD XD XD

Thank you so much for watching!
OMGs, this is perfection...

First, I forgot how much I LOVE this song.

2nd - all the hotties are in this - including the Weasley twins! guh...

ganking this, giving you credit, and posting this at boy_touching