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Oh holy God

What the F, right? Does anyone remember this crap? Well I couldn't let it drop. I HAD to finish it...and it's getting there. Again. Ending this is going to be slightly complicated.

Title: Fair Game
Rating: NC-17
Paring: Cedric Diggory/Viktor Krum
Summary: Cedric Diggory just wants a little adventure--something out of the ordinary. That's not so much to ask, is it? After all, unusual things happen all the time at Hogwarts. And an unsuspecting Viktor Krum might be just the thing to do the trick...
Warnings: Smutty? No gigantic plot. Also, mostly implausible.

Chapter Thirteen Summary: Angst, woe, and drama. It's a teenager alright.

~Fair Game~

Chapter 13

Cedric found himself catching up with Viktor a seemingly impossible distance later, all shaky and out of breath as he came to a halt. “Stop a moment, won’t you!” he implored.

Viktor turned sharply, a mildly astonished look shattering his previously sour expression.

“W-wait, wait just a…” Cedric panted, shaking his head and holding the back of a hand to his mouth for a moment. “Just—Viktor, listen to me, I, I didn’t meant it in that way, I don’t wish that we’d never met. I don’t want to be one of those pricks who gripes about things just because they aren’t going his way, but it was all so much at once, you see, and I didn’t—didn’t really have time to sort things out right and proper in my head before they came tumbling out. And I…”

Viktor opened his mouth slightly before Cedric jumped back in.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me, if that’s what you’re going to ask. It isn’t even really just one thing, I’m scattered all over. It’s just, I suppose I’m a rather conventional fellow, and if this was going to defy convention, I wasn’t going to have anything to do with it. But really, I’m a champion too, and I shouldn’t stop going after what I want just because…I…I want you, Viktor, you were right. For what it’s worth. So I…I suppose I…well I came after you. Don’t walk off. Please.” He cursed his tangled tongue and readied himself for something deeper, but then stopped, gaping at Viktor in disbelief.

Viktor was…laughing at him.

Cedric stared, royally confused and defeated as he bent forward and rested his hands on his knees. So his worst fears were confirmed. When he was at his most emotionally genuine and open, when he was pouring his metaphorical heart out in the utmost seriousness, he looked like a complete idiot. “Just…just what in the hell could be so funny?”

Viktor only shook his head and gazed upon Cedric with an emotion that left no trace of the anger he had shown before. “You are an odd fellow.”

Cedric flipped up a hand and sighed. “…That’s funny. Most people I know would call me…exceedingly normal.” And a choke of laughter suddenly escaped him as well. The tension snapped and fell away, taking with it a weight that had lain unnoticed until now from his shoulders. Mere scattered seconds later, he was kissing Viktor—or perhaps Viktor was kissing him; the specifics were trivial. Cedric didn’t think he’d ever felt like such a wanton whore as he threw himself into the kiss, but he wasn’t in a particularly gentlemanly mood anyway.

Viktor was the first to break off, heaving a breath into the cold air that grazed over Cedric’s cheeks. He slowly took a step back and grasped Cedric’s wrist. “Come with me.” He said heavily.

Able to suggest nothing else, Cedric obeyed. Risks be damned, he felt as though he would follow Viktor back to Durmstrang if he had asked. It was funny how one’s mind could change so gravely after so very little persuasion. It might have been stupid, or reckless, or unworkable and all of those other things any onlooker would leap to point out, but perhaps part of Cedric had been intent on getting what he wanted regardless all along. After a ways of walking, he halted in his tracks. “Where is it that we’re…?” he began. When Viktor turned around with a raised brow, Cedric swallowed his patience and advanced on him with an unrestrained kiss. They stumbled until Viktor’s back roughly knocked into a tree, one of his hands on the side of Cedric’s head while the other grasped out blindly to try and support himself.

Viktor hadn’t shaved in some time, the rough hairs of his face scratching against Cedric’s lips and palms. It wasn’t his most dignified moment—scandalously slobbering over some boy in the middle of a dead cold season out in the forest when he was supposed to be sitting down to dinner—but it was certainly one of his best, as far as his opinion. As soon as Cedric had moved to his lower neck, however, he felt Viktor stop him with a grunt. “This is not for here, Cedric.”

“Well it bloody well better be for somewhere.” He rasped back.

Viktor leaned forward. “Come.” He replied in a low tenor. Cedric tried not to shudder. He allowed himself to be pulled once more away, but suddenly stopped again as they ended up outside of the trees. Cedric’s eyes traveled curiously up the black waters to the mast of the Durmstrang ship settling on the surface.

“The ship? You’re not serious.”

“Students are not there.” Viktor explained.

“Yeah, but they’ll be coming back. Eventually. Won’t they?”

“Karkaroff thinks I am practicing. For game.”

“I suppose you’re looking for the old exhibitionist Cedric, yes?” Cedric wavered slightly and shivered, blowing a stray chunk of hair from his face with a hot burst of breath. “A-alright, if you say so.” No sooner had he replied than he was being hauled up by a powerful hand at the front of his robes.

Cedric stumbled down the main corridor as Viktor pushed him along, almost as though he were some sort of prisoner being shuffled to the brig. The ship was dark and bleak, much resembling the atmosphere Cedric imagined in fleeting ponders on things he assumed he would never know. He was forced to take a sharp left into an opening and he whipped around in time to find himself caught up in the rough arms of his captor. Cedric smiled and, wordlessly, the kissing started up again. He wasted no time in undressing.

Viktor reached up and took Cedric’s face in his hands with a grin, breaking their rhythm as he traced a thumb gently over his lower lip. “Such pretty face…”

Cedric swallowed a little, pausing in his efforts to remove Viktor’s shirt. He felt certain that anyone who said so little shouldn’t be able to come across as so eloquent. Maybe in some cases less really was more, though he’d never believed that before. He leaned over and closed his lips over Viktor’s much more gently this time. “You’re sure this is alright? The last thing I need is to be caught naked on the enemy ship.” Cedric asked softly as he sat down onto one of the bunks.

“Yes. Sure.” Viktor agreed. His tone was becoming progressively hoarse and his English less explicit.

Cedric nodded, reaching up to align Viktor’s hips before he began to unzip his pants. Viktor reached forward to brace himself on the wall and sighed receptively as lips slid over his already straining erection. Cedric felt eager for approval, perhaps even nervous. He had had an accumulative hundred casual fucks, but never anything like this, and for once he was completely unsure of himself. Viktor didn’t seem to notice, however, eyes locked to the wall in front of him as he breathed heavily and struggled to keep still. Cedric simply did what it was he could do best, closing his eyes and devouring cock like a starved animal. Blood pounded in his ears and the last of the cold that had somehow managed to stick with him despite still being fully clothed was gone. The first night between them came back to him in brief flashes. Back then he hadn’t had any idea what he would be starting. Well—perhaps he still had no idea, but he was at least willing now to find out.

Viktor shouted something strained in Bulgarian and reached down to cup Cedric’s chin, his forehead leaning against the wall. Cedric slowly pulled back in curiosity, a long strand of saliva and pre-ejaculate trailing with his bottom lip. In the next instant he was practically thrown to the bunk on his back, arms strewn out in a helpless splay of confusion as he was suddenly mounted. His eyes closed. The pressure on his pelvic region was euphoric as Viktor leaned down over him. In two strangely timeless movements, he had managed to remove Cedric’s sweater and shirt, unlatching his belt and jerking it away swiftly as well. Cedric was already kicking off his shoes as his pants were broken into.

He hissed as Viktor forced his way into him, but it was more in anticipation than pain. His body was numb with shock and only gradually warming up to the overwhelming situation it was in—seemingly confused as to whether its primary desire was sexual. In a few more minutes it didn’t matter, as the motions made it evident that primary or not, it was definitely desired. Cedric swore a few times, a funny thing to do in a spot like this, but he couldn’t help himself. His eyes locked with Viktor’s and stayed there for a long while through the thrusts that were increasing in tempo. He could feel his disheveled hair falling into his face and sweat forming on his chest already. He wasn’t going to last very long this time around.

“You want me, Cedric?” Viktor panted in hopes for reaffirmation.

“Yes I want you.” He replied as he reached his hands above his head to grip the back of the bunk. “Yes.” Cedric’s brow furrowed slightly and his jaw clenched as a thought crossed his mind while staring at the boy above him. Though what if I really never see him again? His heart sank tenfold and his head turned to the side. Viktor merely took this as a sign of pleasure and picked up his pace.

Cedric’s body was responding far too well to let his heartache show, sweat now trickling down his armpits and chest, cheeks red, teeth clenched, eyes narrowed and staring down at the place where Viktor repeatedly entered him. It felt so good he could hardly bare to think, even if his thoughts were despairing at the moment. He howled out in abandon as Viktor struck him just right, having no fear of being heard so far from the school grounds. “Viktor! Ah—don’t stop! Don’t! Oh God!”

Unable to speak, Viktor let out a choked moan and shook his head, speeding up his thrusts as fast as he could. He pounded against Cedric’s discovered prostate gland again and again, violently threatening his last reserves of control and gripping a hand onto his thigh to gain leverage. Cedric erupted into a series of sobbing, choking cries, scratching his nails against the wall behind him and tightening his legs around Viktor’s waist relentlessly, arching his back with a few pathetically desperate shudders. Viktor couldn’t help himself much better. He began yelling out uncontrollably, gasping, sputtering, thrusting back and forth until Cedric felt practically near death. He was utterly hypnotized by the man on top of him. Viktor was a sexual god and all Cedric could do was worship and beg to be rewarded. If he truly were to never see Viktor again, then this was the greatest moment of his life in its entirety.

“Ohh, oh, Cedric!” Viktor groaned—the only comprehensible thing Cedric was able to pick out. Cedric helped by bucking up against him, coaxing him towards orgasm as he felt himself perilously close to his own end.

“Come on, Viktor…” Cedric panted, trying to calm his own writhing body. At the address, Viktor looked down at him with a sudden, intense adoration that Cedric had never seen. It was at that moment that Cedric broke. It was as if someone had shoved him off the edge of a cliff with the falling sensation in the pit of his stomach, every muscle in his being contracting at once and seizing almost painfully. A part of him cried out for help from the oppressive power of the sensation, but he managed to withstand it. He was rather sure that he was screaming, however. The irony that he had worked so earnestly towards his peak and now that it was here it was nigh unbearable was lost on him. His heart was pounding, every vein pulsating, his energy burned away in one super nova of physical rapture. He watched as his lover tensed similarly and gasped as his own climax hit him. Viktor let out a series of loud grunts, gripping Cedric’s thigh harder and cumming in long spurts within his body.

Cedric leaned his head back and touched himself to tease the last of his seed from his still twitching erection, simultaneously clenching himself to milk Viktor as well. His brain swam in the strange confliction of being both relieved and dismayed that the sex was over. He looked up as Viktor leaned over him, an arm at either side of his ribs. They met eyes for a moment and Cedric swallowed, a frustrated pain in his throat. In the next instant he was caught in a kiss, which he returned almost sadly. It was only after a few more kisses that Viktor began to sense something amiss, and moved up slightly.

“…I have to go, Viktor. Everyone will be wondering where I am.” Cedric said weakly before Viktor could speak.

With very little said, he slid out from under him and began pulling on his clothing, ignoring the befuddled gaze that stuck to him as he did so. Once he had finished putting on his gloves, a strong hand wrapped around his wrist and turned him towards its owner. Viktor looked up at him from his seat, a gentle expression on his face. “Will see you again, Cedric…”

Cedric blinked down at him robotically. “Of course.” With that, he turned and made his way out of the ship before he could be seen by any passersby. Viktor stayed behind, head in his hands.

~~~~end of chapter thurtine~~~~

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