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Well now that someone's pointed out the reason I semi-graduated high school with a 2.3 GPA, I think I've got this working now.

It's progressing, slowly. This is the final chapter before it branches off a bit--Yeah, I spent so much time contemplating which ending I wanted to impliment that I eventually decided to write both. So this is basically the last part of the story that can be read regardless of which ending you go off of. Anyway, if that wasn't confusing enough, enjoy!

Title: Fair Game
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Cedric Diggory/Viktor Krum
Summary: Cedric Diggory just wants a little adventure--something out of the ordinary. That's not so much to ask, is it? After all, unusual things happen all the time at Hogwarts. And an unsuspecting Viktor Krum might be just the thing to do the trick...
Warnings: Smutty? No gigantic plot. Also, mostly implausible.

Chapter Fifteen Summary: Shit's goin' down!

~Fair Game~

Chapter 15

The darkness surrounded him.

Black hedges rose up to form walls above his head and mists concealed every pathway, making him turn face first several times into solid sections of leaves and branch that appeared to be openings. Truth be told, he had absolutely no clue as to where he was going. The maze around him seemed impossible to penetrate—for all he knew he was still only feet away from the entrance. Cedric had already broken out into a sweat, and part of him was beginning to genuinely worry.

This wasn’t like the other tasks, Cedric thought as he slowly ambled down a new corridor, one foot after the other. The others were challenging, dangerous, even downright murderous, but this one was different. There didn’t seem to be any immanent peril, at least not the kind Cedric was familiar with. No dragons, no fire, no murky water, no mer-people. It was just an empty, dark, maze. Even still, it was during this one that his heart was pumping the hardest. Something seemed far more sinister in these mists than in the most monster-populated waters or the mouths of the deadliest dragons. He swallowed heavily as he came to the end of the path, only to find that it dead ended with yet another wall of hedge. He grit his teeth and stepped back, reluctant to retread his footsteps. He had no choice, however. He wished he could somehow start over, as he felt he was making virtually no progress at all.

Cedric turned and shuffled back hurriedly. He wasn’t entirely sure as to why he felt he had to be in such a rush, but it most likely had something to do with a churning feeling in his gut that something was following him. It was probably just his nerves, but in the Triwizard tournament one never knew. Bloody fuck. I might as well send up the flare now. I’m never going to get through this. He thought dismally. He very nearly gave in to that temptation, but just as he was contemplating, a crackling sound startled him into turning back around. No one was behind him, but the ominous crackling noise continued to come closer to him. Cedric began to backpedal nervously. Suddenly he caught movement from the tops of the hedges, and the next thing he knew they were closing together at rapid speed. It was only when it sealed a few feet away from him that he realized if he didn’t move, he was going to be crushed. “Fuck!” he shouted before turning and moving as fast as he could back the way he came.

Branches snagged at his clothing like hands trying to pull him back. He stumbled out of the closing path just in time, jerking his arm away from the reaching stems coming after him. Cedric brushed himself off and shuddered, placing a hand over his forehead and trying to calm his raging emotions. If he had doubted the prospect of fatal dangers for even a second he had certainly rebuked that dismissal now. Not only was he hopelessly lost, but if he continued to be, he would be eaten by this dreadful maze. Before he could gather himself again, however, the crackling noise started up, and Cedric found that the path in front of him—his only escape now—was closing off. He would be trapped here and smothered to death if he didn’t move quickly. Shaking out of his frozen stupor, Cedric bolted, climbing through the narrowing pathway at top speed. He didn’t appear to be fast enough. The walls were closing, and he began thrusting his arms out to try and smash away the vines around him. Just as he felt he would be swallowed, he collapsed outside of the end, leaves sticking in his hair and sleeves.

His hands flew to his body, patting himself to make sure everything was still attached. Once he had affirmed his intact health, Cedric scrambled to his feet and ran as fast as he could. The mists, darkness, and monotony all blinded him, but he struggled not to lose his sense of direction. Just as he rounded the next corner—he slammed straight into another body. Cedric reeled back, looking up. “…Viktor!” he sighed loudly in relief. He circled his arms around his waist and panted. “Thank Merlin! I was starting to go completely loony.”

He stiffened, hearing the crackling sound start again a ways off. Once it ended, however, he loosened up. He looked up for a moment at Viktor, who was staring down at him with an unreadable expression. Cedric was confused as to why he made no move to speak or react—he merely stared at him like some eerie statue. “Viktor? What is it?” he asked cautiously. Viktor raised his wand and Cedric fell back slowly as his trust began to vanish. “W-what are you doing? What’s going on? Viktor! Won’t you say something to me?”

A single growl was all his efforts received, and immediately Cedric knew that something was very wrong. His hand went discretely to his own wand.

“Relax, Viktor…it’s just me…What’s gotten into you?” he continued to sputter.

Viktor took a few steps forward with a malevolent sway. Still he said nothing.

“Please, don’t.” Cedric backed up against a leafy wall. “Don’t…don’t come closer. Look—it-it’s me, Cedric. You don’t want to hurt me, do you?”

Viktor continued to advance, wand raised threateningly and aimed between Cedric’s eyes.

“Oh.” Cedric gulped slightly. “You do. Viktor—wait a moment, just—“

Both of their heads turned as a scream erupted in the air. Cedric’s heart leapt into his throat. Recovering faster than Viktor, he dove before he could stop himself, racing in the other direction to get away. He pushed himself as hard as he could, taking every turn he could, trying to confuse his potential pursuer. He ran until eventually he smacked straight into a solid wall of hedge and fell to his back, wheezing and panting. His mind exploded into a thousand confused fragments of thought, as if it had shattered on impact. Why was Viktor trying to kill him?! What had happened? Was it even really Viktor at all, or some kind of grandeur illusion? Some kind of deranged boggart trick? He was beginning to see why this maze warranted such a grave warning. Cedric closed his eyes for a moment before opening them again, heart thumping violently in his chest as he saw bits of red fire light bursting in the air above him. Red sparks.

Cedric pushed himself to his knees and floundered around to pull his wand out of his pocket, eyes locked on where the flare was falling. Harry. Fluer. They were both still out there. And so was Viktor…Cedric jumped up. He had to find them and warn them!

Once again he found himself barreling through the treacherous hedges, biting back his fear in light of his newfound concern. The rational part of his brain was telling him he was a psychopath for thinking he could find anything in this maze—especially when his targets were moving. But he wasn’t thinking rationally. Something had happened to Viktor, and Harry and Fluer were in danger. He had to figure out what went wrong. Hedges closed at every turn, almost as though they conspired to keep him away, but he pressed on relentlessly through the impossible maze. He could hear voices, and somehow his ears were leading him better than his eyes had. It was…it was Harry! “Harry!” Cedric yelled out as he whipped around a corner to his left. He staggered at what he saw. There was Harry, face to face with Viktor.

Cedric raised his wand without hesitation and fired a spell at the enchanted Bulgarian, which was no easy task in the dark. A shot came fired back at him, and he reeled back to avoid it against the hedge, almost falling down. Everything became a haze. Time slowed as Cedric pulled back to his position, raising his wand to launch another attack. As he got sight of Viktor once more, he shot another spell, and this time it hit him square and flung him to the earth. Cedric was shocked for a moment, but quickly shook out of it, anger welling up in his chest. He flew past Harry to leap onto Viktor, kicking the wand violently from the unconscious boy’s hand. Cedric felt his throat tightening, his fists clenching as he went to drive his foot down again, this time into Viktor’s side. It really was you! How could you do this to me?! He thought furiously. Just as he made the move, however, Harry grabbed him.

“He’s bewitched!” was the jarring phrase that made it through.

Cedric stared down at Viktor, lying prostrate on the ground, and bit down on his tongue. Who could have done this? Who would have had the gall to use a forbidden curse on a student? And Viktor? Why Viktor? Cedric’s pulse raced. He dashed away from Harry, who was charging after him, ignoring his yells. He was going to find whoever had done this to Viktor, and he was going to kill them.

~~~~end of chapter fifftine~~~~

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